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Coffee Roasters 

Freshly roasted coffee in our newly dedicated coffee roastery, to your door or cafe to become your own barista for delicious coffee using your own machine. We know you love good coffee. You can select green bean, whole bean or choose which grind you like.

Naked Roaster Coffee Roasters is an independent coffee roaster supplying Ethically sourced green and roasted coffee beans. Buy our coffee online and create the best coffee subscription of speciality coffee and small batch coffee.

Responsible packaging – Our 250g bags are compostable, ensuring you enjoy fresh coffee every time.

All of our products are sourced and quality assured from our direct producers to provide a pleasurable coffee experience for all to enjoy.

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Coffee Roasters Glasgow | Coffee Subscription | Wholesale

There are many Coffee Roasters in the UK but our customer service outstrips most and strives to be the best Coffee Roasters. We are ethical and environmentally friendly, come along and join us on the journey. We love coffee roasting great coffee.

  • Our roaster uses an electric drum roasting machine to roast your beans during the roasting process, therefore, ensuring no hydrocarbon residue leading to bitter taste, giving the best flavour notes of any roasted beans around.
  • We roast all of our Speciality green beans to order as it maximises the freshness and quality. You can choose between whole bean and ground.
  • You can order a bag at a time or sign up for our Subscription service with FREE DELIVERY.
  • Buying from us could not be easier to buy from us. Use our online SHOP to purchase or subscribe.
  • We provide a bespoke Wholesale service to our Commercial Customers . If purchasing beans from us we can arrange the various machines get your café or specialty coffee outlet. Barista training will be provided as required for your coffee shop.


  • We sell Arabica beans and Robusta beans.
  • We sell قهوة beans from various countries and coffee farmers. India, Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Peru and Guatemala. We are always adding to the list so keep a keen eye out for our new single origin or blends to suit all coffee lovers.
  • Although we add some Robusta bean to our coffee blend, our blends contain no more than 30% of Robusta bean. Except our Double punch Blend that has 100% Robusta but is 100% delicious and kicks butt.
  • We have a range of decaffeinated beans in our range not including our best-decaffeinated blend from Central America or our espresso blend that makes a perfect cup of beautiful coffee.


Coffee is not considered to be a drug of dependency as well as any type of “withdrawal signs and symptoms” can be reduced by carefully decreasing the day-to-day consumption of coffee over a short time period.

Coffee contains anti-oxidants – caffeine and other organic compounds – have been shown to have favourable results on a large range of health issues.

While coffee can have a diuretic effect, a cup of it consists of about 98% water and therefore is not dehydrating. Any loss of fluid is successfully offset by the water contained in the coffee depending on what type of coffee you drink i.e Espresso.

Brain activity that controls focus and also memory is boosted temporarily when we consume coffee.

You can desensitise yourself to the effects of caffeine by consuming high levels of coffee, so change your routine every now and then by reducing your caffeine intake.

The impacts of moderate to high levels of caffeine consumption can boost endurance in aerobatic sports along with efficiency in anaerobic workouts. It opens up your bronchial tubes, improves breathing, as well as releases sugar into your bloodstream, guiding it towards your muscles creating muscle mass.

High levels of caffeine block a chemical called adenosine from connecting to its receptors, which would typically make you feel sleepy. The obstruction additionally offsets the production of adrenaline, enhancing your feeling of alertness.

Very dark roasts may actually have much less levels of caffeine, and most definitely won’t perk you up quicker.

Coffee consists of some naturally bitter-tasting compounds, however, the main reason for a bitter cup is the roast degree. The darker and oilier the beans are, the extra bitter the coffee will taste, Badly made coffee or a dirty coffee machine can additionally leave a bitter aftertaste.

Coffee can go mouldy if stored in a humid environment, but can theoretically, last for many years if kept well. Nonetheless, the flavour will degrade in time, making for an unpalatable cup.

In sheer volume, the USA imports the most coffee on the planet, yet it’s the Nordic Countries that drink the most coffee per capita, led by the Finns, that consume an average of 12kg of coffee per person annually.

Coffee does not require to be kept in the fridge or freezer, where it might absorb humidity and moisture as well as aromatics from other food. Store your coffee in the packaging that we provide with the one-way air vent, in a cool dry location away from direct sunshine.