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Welcome to Naked Roaster Coffee. We are a coffee roasters based in the UK supplying fresh ethically sourced coffee with great taste.

We aim to provide a bespoke coffee experience for customers; combining the freshness and efficiency of our roasting process with prompt courier and efficient customer service .

We roast coffee to order to ensure you have the freshest possible coffee you have ever tasted and despatch the coffee as soon as possible after roasting.

Our Courier service is open 24/7,therefore, you may receive your tracking information at strange times of the day but its usually as we have just roasted, packed and shipped your order.

We roast our coffee using hot air only we bring out the original goodness of the coffee beans to the maximum and provide the delicious fresh NAKED (as is) taste.

About Gordon

After establishing my own business in 2004 with a coffee shop in the South Side of Glasgow, I have always been a keen coffee enthusiast with an interest in sourcing and production of quality ingredients. I sold the business a few years ago, but retained my passion for coffee and the manufacturing process behind it.

Gordon is a current airline pilot who travels Europe in search of the best coffee he can find.

“I love my job, flying planes and coffee is a great combination. Searching Europe for the best coffee and different roasting styles around.”

A vintage roaster and several green beans set the scene for the first of many roasting trials to develop a consistent and smooth process for the naked roaster products.

We ship our beans and grounds worldwide, roasted fresh for the best taste.

We like our coffee to taste like coffee. Some companies use different roast profiles that have a completely different flavour to coffee as we know it. At naked roaster,  our coffee is roasted by hand using our senses of sight, sound with a touch of smell to produce an authentic coffee product.


Gordon was featured on Glasgow live, follow the link to see the article.

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