Biscoff Iced Coffee

This year’s latest coffee trend is the Biscoff iced coffee which people are going crazy for this coffee drink. Lots of people are giving it a try and saying it’s the best thing they’ve ever drank.  I tried it to see if it really was as easy and delicious as everyone’s making out.

You don’t need to break the bank to give this trend a go, the base ingredients are just coffee, milk, Biscoff spread and ice. Perfect for the hot girl summer we’re all dreaming about. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1: Make the coffee for your Biscoff Iced Coffee

You need one espresso for this drink but I definitely prefer a double shot in this one.  You can always use instant coffee if your Naked Roaster Coffee hasn’t arrived yet, I wouldn’t dare even stock this in my cupboards – the TikTok Vids I’ve seen use a variety of ways to make the coffee but just go with whatever you have and put in however much you like.



2: Melt the Biscoff spread

Put 1 1/2 tablespoons of Biscoff spread into a bowl or in the glass you are going to use for your Biscoff iced lattee (not recommended as the glass gets very hot and may crack when you put the ice in.)  Microwave the Biscoff spread for 10 seconds until it’s runny enough to fall off a spoon. The beauty of this is that you can take the lid off of the jar and the just put the jar in the microwave, because washing up is a little bit too much effort, but would only recommend this if you are going to use the whole jar.

Pour the melted Biscoff into a glass.  I also tried drizzling the spread along the edge of the glass just for the aesthetic which turned out cute but I’d recommend avoiding if you don’t like washing up.


3: Mix the coffee into the glass

Pour your coffee into the glass over the spread and give them a good mix together. I used a milk frother but a spoon would work just as well.


4: Add ice and milk

Next you need to add in some crushed ice. You’ll need a fair amount to cool down the coffee. Or if you’re organised you could make the coffee and leave it to cool down first but I was too excited to wait. Once the ice is in, pour your choice of milk on top and fill the glass. I personally went for oat milk because that’s all I have in the house but most people on TikTok go for full fat milk or cream.


5: Decorate and enjoy

You can decorate this as much as you like. I drizzled over some more spread and then crumbled a Biscoff biscuit over the top. Lots of people top it with whipped cream too. I did it more for the aesthetic than anything because what else am I meant to do now summer is here?


And that’s it. Super yummy and super easy to make, not to mention how pretty it turns out too. It is definitely worth giving it a bit of a mix before drinking though because the coffee is sat at the bottom and you want to appreciate the drink in all it’s delicious glory.

Alternative Method

Follow thee guide above but use ice cubes, put all the ingredients into the blender and give it a wizz until the ice is crushed, probably about 5 seconds.


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